Credit Card Processing


Our company has processed over $600m in payments and helped hundreds of merchants accept credit cards securely. We specialize in Retail, Restaurants, Mobile, E-commerce, and Mail Order (MOTO) accounts.

When you sign with us, here's what you get:

  • Processing choice: Traditional or Dual Pricing/Cash Discount
    • Traditional means YOU as the merchant pays the credit card fees at the end of the month. Here we will give you the wholesale rate of 2.2% + .20 per card swipe.
    • Dual Pricing/Cash Discount means when YOUR CUSTOMER elects to pay with a credit card they pay the credit card fee. To learn more, watch this video we made.
    • Please note, we are unbiased and don't sway customers in any direction. YOU make the choice and we will install either option.
  • Discounted payment equipment
    • If you don't have a POS system, we will provide you with a number of options to choose from.
  • Payment software/API key
    • The software or API (application programming interface) in your terminal or POS system enables you to connect to a payment processor's network for transaction processing.
  • Data security
    • Transactions communicate sensitive cardholder information that needs to be protected from data thieves throughout the process.
  • Real-time reports
    • Having visibility into your real-time transaction history can help eliminate errors and prevent unnecessary chargebacks.
  • Payment gateway
    • Some processors have a direct connection to the authorization network. Others connect to a payment gateway to access the network.
  • Transactions
    • Credit/debit/gift card transactions is the a main purpose of a payment processor.
  • ACH transfers
    • We handle the movement of funds from the cardholder's account to your business' bank account.

To begin your credit card processing application, please click here or talk to a payment consultant (complimentary) below.

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