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Partnering with us means you get everything under one roof for just $49.99 per month: equipment, credit card processing, billing, invoicing and support. Our rate for credit card processing is best-in-class at 2.2% + .20 if you choose Traditional, or $0 on fees if you choose Cash Discount.

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    We at GenesisSystem.com and Zoevoip.com use Secure Pay Service. Great customer service, excellent pricing on my merchant services. You call and they are available 24 hours no haggling with 1-800 numbers.

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    Excellent service. When I need them, they always deliver and help me out. Thank you, what a great team.

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    Excellent customer service and rates! Available to assist 24/7. Thank you Secure Pay Service!


    We automatically provide you with the best rates from the beginning, without looking at your statement. If you feel your current rates are lower, we will gladly give you a statement analysis and will meet-or-beat any competitors processing rates.

  • 24/7 SUPPORT

    Don't waste time on a 1-800 fighting with support when things stop working. Let us work for you. Our $49.99 per month plan includes premium support to help you manage tech issues, chargebacks, refilling print paper, and more.


    Newly-signed merchants qualify to receive free processing equipment. Select a credit card terminal, a POS station, or a mobile terminal and we will also program your menu, install, and train you for free.

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