Why Business Owners Need A Backup Merchant Account

Why Business Owners Need A Backup Merchant Account
Secure Pay Service
Secure Pay Service

Backup Merchant Account

Disaster can strike when you least expect it. Every responsible business owner knows how important it is to be prepared for the unexpected, especially when it comes to it your operational systems. Is your business dependent on credit and debit card payments to survive? If you answered yes to this question, having a backup merchant account is of the utmost importance. It pays to be prepared.


Your business cannot afford the risk of losing the ability to process electronic payments for any period of time. Industries considered high-risk in terms of credit card processing are even more vulnerable. Banks can close business accounts for a variety of reasons. Many of these reasons are beyond the company's control.

Imagine this scenario for a moment - you're at a travel agency and you're planning a fantastic vacation. After spending a reasonable amount of time going through the details, it's finally time to officially book your tour. The travel agent informs you that their credit card system is down and they can only accept payment by cash or paper check. You planned to pay by credit card. You don't have cash on hand, which means a paper check is out of the question. This very annoying and frustrating situation. Do you completely abandon your plans and go to another travel agency?

This situation puts a you in a vulnerable position, and that is not good for the travel agency. The chances of the client ever doing business with you
again are low. Fortunately, this is a completely preventable situation.


The bottom line is that losing the ability to process credit and debit cards puts customers right into the hands of your competition. There is no need to take this unnecessary risk when it can be completely avoided. Secure Pay Service can have your backup merchant account up and running faster than it takes to check your bags. Why lose sales? Why lose credibility? You've worked hard to build a loyal customer base. Don't let operator error or an inevitable disaster ruin your business.

When you have a backup merchant account, your customers won't know there's a business interruption. The investment pays off. Merchant account backup fees more than pay for themselves if your primary processor fails.

Secure Pay Service helps you protect your business for when the unthinkable happens. We specialize in providing businesses of all types including travel agencies - with the ability to accept credit and debit card payments in person and online.

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